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4 Garage Door Tips for Maintenance to help you maintain your garage door during summer

Jan 18

It's almost summer time here in NC. This means beautiful beach days, barbecues and outdoor parties are all just around the corner. It's true that there are many reasons to get out of the house this summer. However, if your garage door is not working properly, it can put an end to the planning of your trip by preventing you from being able to take your car out of the garage. It could also cause you to be worried about the security and safety of your garage door.

Maintenance of your garage door is essential all through the year, not just during the summer. Here are a few suggestions to aid you in keeping your garage door in tip-top shape this summer.

Examine Your Garage Door

Conducting a thorough inspection of your garage door and keeping an eye out for strange sights and sounds will help you resolve problems sooner and, ultimately prolong the life of the garage door. If you are inspecting your garage door, make sure to check that the springs and cables are in good working order as well as that the tracks for your garage door are free from dirt and debris, and that overall, nothing looks extremely damaged or worn. If you spot any parts that appear to be going to be removed and you're not sure, call the garage door repair technician to determine if you require a garage door repair raleigh north carolina or replacement.

Lubricate Parts

Exposure to humidity can break down the lubricant you use on the components of your garage door. It's vital to use the lubricant throughout summer to shield your garage door from harm and to reduce noise. It's easy enough to apply lubricant to your garage door with no assistance of an WeFixIt expert. Just make sure that you choose a lubricant that is suitable for use on garage doors. Don't apply oil as it's prone to dirt and grime build-up.

Wash it down

This summer, the rain won't be enough to clean your garage door. Instead, you should get out the bucket along with a hose and a cloth to wash your garage door. Keep in mind that if the garage door is jammed with dust, dirt and grime it can be vulnerable to damage. On the other hand cleaning your garage door down with some mild, soapy water or a gentle pressure washer every now and then intervals will keep it looking great for the years to come.

Assess the Safety Functions

In the summer, kids and pets are a lot more likely to play in the sun. It is important to check your garage door's safety features and ensure they are operating properly. Place an object in the ground beneath your garage door in order to check the reverse function of your auto-reverse feature. This will cause the doors to stop instantly before it reverses. If the door is unable to recognize the object then you must contact an expert in garage doors to assess the feature right away.

Contact Professional Garage Door Services near me for Garage Door Issues This Summer

Professional garage door repair technicians will assist you with any type of garage door problem.

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