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What factors determine the cost of My Roof Repair?

Jul 24


It's not a popular choice to shell out money to replace their roof, however that doesn't change the fact that all of us must do it some time or another. There are two things that people think about when they need the roof replaced.

They'd like it done properly in case they're going to invest money in it. Then, they're concerned about the cost. If someone has their roof replaced by a trusted roofing company in Helotes, TX, they're going to be worried about the expense.


These information will allow you understand the various factors that determine the cost of the replacement of your roof.


A breakdown of the average cost of a roof replacement

Let's begin by looking at the national average. Then, we can dive into the individual aspects that could make the price up or down later. The typical cost of replacing a roof in 2020 in a broad sense, is $7211. It is a very exact figure. However, there are many elements that can make or break the cost of a roofing replacement.


The Square Footage of Your Home

One of the aspects that affect the cost of a roof replacement directly is the area of your house. Do you recall the national standard figure that was mentioned above? This is based on the typical roof costs of $400 to $550 per square.


What does this number translate to you and the cost of your roof replacement? This means that the bigger your house and the greater square footage it contains and the larger the roofing material and labor that you'll need.


The Roofing Material

Another thing that can increase the cost of replacing your roof upwards or downwards is the type of roofing material is used. Shingles are a common roofing material that lasts for many years.


If you opt for one of the different types of shingles such as concrete shingles, instead of asphalt shingles, the cost of the project will increase significantly. The cost of replacing your roof with asphalt shingles can have the average price of seven thousand dollars. However replacing a roof with concrete shingles can run over $25,000.


Metal roofing tends to be more costly than asphalt shingles, too however, there are some benefits to metal roofing that might make it an ideal choice. The worth of a roofing made of metal is largely dependent on the design of your home and your average snow load during the winter.


If the edge of your roof doesn't touch your front door, a steel roof can be very useful as the snow will slide through your roof and land on the opposite side of your house. One of the biggest advantages to this type of roof is that you won't need to clean snow off your roof manually!

The Shape Of Your Roof

The shape of your roof may not seem important to you, it is vital to professional helotes roofs. If your roof is high or has an unusual shape to it and the roofers will require additional safety equipment, which will drive the cost up.


There's more to it than just an affordable price on roof replacement, but you also get the best deal. South Texas' affordable roofer understands your financial concerns and that's why our rates are extremely low. Test our pricing examination and book a meeting to receive a quote for the cost for the replacement of your roof.


Want to save money on the cost of replacing your roof? Get conversations with Shield Roofing. We'll connect you up!

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