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Solar Panels Company Near Me - The Tampa Solar Company

Sep 2

It is essential to look at all options and the costs of installing a solar panel for your home prior to you make a decision. This article will discuss the cost and kinds of solar panels on the market, and also the financing options. Also, you'll learn about the quality of panels available.

Installing solar panels

Solar panels can be the ideal option to cut costs on your electric bill. The Tampa Solar Company offers residential and commercial solar panel installations. Their certified technicians will make your home and commercial business solar-ready. They can also design and install solar pools and hot water systems. Their team uses high-quality components and materials. They will also manage all municipal permits as well as utility paperwork to make sure that the installation runs smoothly.

Solar panels can be your option if you're looking to purchase them. They are exempt from tax on sales. While solar panels were previously subject to sales tax in Florida but they've been exempt from sales tax from 2005. Anyone can purchase solar panels and install them in their home or business with this tax-free benefit. This tax break allows you save money as well as receive free electricity, and it increases the value of your home and also increases the value of your property.


The cost of solar panels will differ according to the amount of panels needed and the type of panel you choose. Installation permits, inspection, and interconnection are included in the cost. The kind of roof your home has could have a bearing on the total cost. The more sloped your roof is generally the less panels you will require.

The electricity provider might even offer rebates if the solar panels generate more power than is used in your home. But, remember that not all utilities provide rebates. It is important to inquire with your utility before you install solar panels.

Options for financing

Low-interest solar loans can be used to finance solar panels for homeowners. These loans are available with long-term repayment options, low interest rates, and reducing your monthly electricity bill. The cash flow that the solar panels produce will be used to repay the loan, with any remaining savings being put directly into the borrower's bank account. Solar panels pay for themselves quickly in sunny regions or in areas that have significant electricity costs.

PPA and capital leasing are two of the main financing options for solar panels. Non-profits and government agencies can make use of PPAs as low-risk financing options. While PPAs can be utilized by non-profit organizations or other government organizations to benefit from tax advantages through solar panel installations but they are not qualified for tax credits that homeowners can avail. PPAs are typically limited to projects that cost $300,000 or more. So, non-profits and larger organizations would benefit from a different financing option.

Panels with high-quality

It is important to pay focus on the quality and reliability of your panels prior to deciding an installation company. The quality of your solar panels is dependent on how bright the sun shines upon the panels. In Tampa the sun shines brightly all year. In the summer and spring, Tampa Bay receives the most sun. To maximize production year round panels should be set at a height of 28 degrees higher than horizontal, and facing due south.

It is also important to select a Tampa solar power firm with at least 10 years of experience. You'll want a company that's committed to the local solar power industry. Don't be afraid of asking questions! Prices for solar panels can range from a few thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands.


The warranty on the solar system is an important factor when choosing a firm to install your solar system. It shows the trust that the manufacturer and company have in their products and the quality of their work. A great warranty will protect your from any issue related to the system for as long as you have it. If you are considering a solar firm be sure to inquire about their warranty, and ask about their policy regarding service.

There are two types of warranties available, one covering the workmanship of the installation and another to cover the performance of the equipment. The workmanship warranty covers the company's work and the performance guarantee guarantees that the system will provide the output you want The performance guarantee is for the system. The top companies provide warranties that last up to 25 years.

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